SK 95    S-10

S/Y La Morena

This page is dedicated to the dark beauty La Morena, a 95 square metre Skärgårdskryssare. She is a 1922 masterpiece by Gustaf Estlander, the Finnish architect.

The yacht was built in Germany for a Swedish engineer, Frithiof Dahl. He was a building contractor, at that time responsible for the building of Ragnar Östberg's famous City hall in Stockholm. Under the name Roxane III, the engineer race her during the 1920's and 30's, against Kerma and other famous yachts, probably mostly around Sandhamn and Saltsjöbaden. Then the family Graffman own her for almost forty years. They call her La Morena, "the brunette" in Spanish. They sold her to Arne Fyrk and Bengt Helgesson in the late 1970's, who moved her from Stockholm to Motala and lake Vättern, were she stayed for 20 years. La Morena was almost 60 years old when they bought her. No age for a beauty, but she had worked hard and was in deep need of recondition. Arne and Bengt's effort saved her for the future. The year 1998 she was back in Stockholm with new owners, who sold her to the present owner in the summer of 2004.

During the winter of 2004-05 an extensive restoration were carried out. It ends with a new keel plank, a new rudder stem and knee, 50 meter new planking, a new stainless steel rudder, a new modern profile of the keel, and high finish of the whole bottom. Damages in the deck and deckhouse were also repaired, as were damages in the mast. The restoration has continued. It aims to both have a shining and a fast yacht. As a reward of the hard work, we receive the GYS-award of 2006. (You find our application under The Story (in Swedish).) We also appreciate the help from International, a 20 meter wooden yacht absorbs a lot of high-quality varnish.

You could find a lot of pictures if you follow the link to the left - both from the restoration and from various sailings. If you like to try the feeling of sailing a classic and very fast yacht you could join us, look under Charter. If you need help with your own project, look under Consulting.

A new crew member joined La Morena in January 2008.

Nils Forsfält